Halleluja march, October 1908

The Nazarene Archives is a unique collection of sources documenting the history and life of the Church of the Nazarene. Its materials form a vital link in the church’s collective memory. Its historical collections are international in scope and document many facets of Nazarene life, including religious practices, higher education, cross-cultural ministry and mission, music, congregational and district life, church publications, and social ministries.

One of the primary tasks of the Archives is to collect and maintain official records generated or received by general entities of the church. These include records of the General Assembly, the General Board, the Board of General Superintendents, Global Ministry Center, Nazarene Publishing House, Nazarene Theological Seminary, and official committees and commissions.

But the Archives is more than a repository of official records. It also receives the personal papers and materials that are donated by hundreds of individuals. These materials received from pastors, evangelists, missionaries, and lay people open up new windows on many aspects of Nazarene life and provide different angles of vision and understanding.

The collections exist in a variety of forms—letters, microfilm, photographs, home movies and motion film productions, audio records and tapes, and diaries—and in other formats. The oldest materials in the Archives include early issues of The Guide to Christian Perfection—the mid-19th century holiness paper. The most recent holdings include the latest issue of Holiness Today.

Whether you are writing a research paper, exploring your congregation’s history, preparing to celebrate a church anniversary, or planning a congregational archive, the Nazarene Archives is here to serve you.