Seek God

Lamentations 1:18—2:4

In humility Jeremiah took the sins of the people upon himself. He expressed before God what the people of Judah no longer could. It is a desperate cry. Jeremiah is “distressed, ” “in torment,” and “disturbed.” Facing the consequences of sin in our lives will leave us feeling alone and isolated from the God who loves us.

Jeremiah, however, is modeling a posture that can teach us how to approach the consequences of sin. He pours out his heart—not to friends or strangers—but to God. Jeremiah doesn’t mince words. His words reflect what he really feels.

God is not surprised by our pain and is certainly not taken aback by the consequences of our sin. He is ready and willing to bind up our wounds and heal our broken spirits. First, we must turn to him in repentance and faith, and trust that God freely pours out his compassion on those who seek his face.

Author: Carol Rittenhouse

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