Numbers 13:21-33

One of the hardest things about following the Lord’s direction comes where our worst fears are realized. When all of our anxiousness seems to have been confirmed it’s hard to move forward. While we may have hoped for a pleasant surprise in finding things to not be nearly as bad we thought they were going to be, sometimes that is simply not the case. It can be then more than ever that we are tempted to simply give up. God’s people certainly felt this.

We are not guaranteed an easy road or audience when we ask the dangerous question of where God might want us to go and what God might want us to do. Like the Israelites, we may be in for the bad report that the situation seems just as daunting as were afraid it would be. Perhaps it is an unfamiliar culture or an uncomfortable city. We desperately, at times, want nothing but the easiest and most comfortable roads to travel, but we must be vigilant to make sure that this need does not overcome the hope that faith provides in following Jesus faithfully.

Author: Cameron Pence

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