God’s Economics

Matthew 6:19-34

Money is an insatiable master. When people don’t have enough money to pay for their basic necessities, life can seem to become a desperate chase for money. When people have enough money, they seem to find more things that they need to buy. Jesus instructs us to stop the never-ending chase for more wealth.

Jesus urges us to remember that God clothes flowers and feeds sparrows. Often times, what God calls us to does not make financial sense. We might be called to give money to those in need, we might be called to take a job that doesn’t pay well but allows us to do the work of the kingdom of God, or we might even be called to leave everything we know to minister in a strange place. Few of these things make solid economic sense, but, as the people of God, we believe that the world is ordered by God’s love, not by economics. Remembering that money is a human creation and that God is the creator of humans, can help us keep things in perspective and step out of our bondage to money.

Author: Steve Malcolm

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