Dominican Republic CCO affirms missionary calling

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

More than 50 people from Haiti, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic gathered 8-10 March at the Nazarene Seminary in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, for a Cross-Cultural Orientation. Each participant learned about the Great Commission and practiced how to go and make disciples.

Global Missions and Genesis Project volunteers led workshops about missionary work in the Mesoamerica Region, expressing the need for men and women to rise up and share the Gospel.

“The Lord spoke to my life in a very special way,” said Raymer del Rosario, event participant. “I think it’s time to serve, starting where I am right now, and growing in His will. I know I want more!”

By the end of the event, many participants received confirmations of their calls and answers to many of their questions. 

“This experience was extraordinary,” said Maritza Lima, event participant. “It was in the CCO when I realized what God has called me to.”

The entire group participated in a closing service and left with an increased desire to go and serve with their local churches.

“We praise the Lord that He is raising up a generation that is willing to go further — strong and courageous men and women that are capable of crossing barriers in order to expand God’s kingdom in the nations,” said Elba Duson, East District Global Missions coordinator.

--Church of the Nazarene Mesoamerica